Understanding of Life and Civilization

Now, this may not be something everyone want to read!
So, feel free to stay off. But we say important things. Keep your ears open, keep them very open, for this is very crucial thing.

Many people will say that this is just empty words

Many people will say that there is nothing to it

Many people will attack ad hominem

Many people will not just want to believe

Many people, many people.

Who makes the rules? Who will define the 3rd dimension of power?

Who knows the world? Who knows the true and false?

Fake news and real insanity!

Are these the weapons of Realism?

People are more wise than Reality
– Oh my, save the People from the Madness of the Reality!

It is now not more than May 2560

Just do not be afraid to face the insanity of the reality

Do not be afraid to face and become friends of the chaotic order

And what is most: to realize that there is no future, nor a past.

It is just an illusion – an illusion they are going to use against you!

War is madness, and as such the question “how come there is war” becomes, when you face it, the last one.

Why is it so Silent Today?

Barely any noise is around
it is silent as ever, even when streets are noisy

like never before

Silence is deep and nobody talk
nobody say what they think
like robots they stay in line
repeating the same things

Why is it so silent today?

Where would the noise come from
Is it traffic or what, is it the holy sound of chanting?

The sound of shelling the sound of missiles
that is the only thing that breaks the silence

Silence is not absolute
Silence is relative to the noise
Silence is result to the lack of compassion

Why is it so silent today?

Everyone is doing something, busy days and full of stuff
But when you ask them, they go mad
They are serving something which is not good

Is it the collapsing power that is pushing people down?

Why is it so silent today

Good sovereigns never attack their children
never try to shut their mouths up

cut their fingers

Why is it so silent today?

You know when it is the time to speak!

Cybernetic Power and End of Politics

Cyberspace, as it has been labeled by US Militant leadership, is doing well and spreading all over the world. Drones are launched on to the skies to reach out territories where no cables are no-one to erect towers either. Brazilians launched even a satellite just a while ago, on the geostationary orbit, so that gigabytes after gigabytes can reach who Brazil well over Atlantic and everywhere what happens lie under the fake moon looming on the sky high up.

At the same time big ideological changes are occurring in the way people treat each other, how they are treated by the “state” (let it be deep or not so deep) and indeed about what is the role of the human in the production cycle, as a person, individual, source of thought. Cybernetic power has established herself into the cyberspace, by establishing structures of obedience towards self-service, password management and, at last, ever-growing threat of viruses, diseases and even catastrophic loss of everything. Now, this makes people to seek shelter, under the umbrella of emerging cyber powers.

However, the face of tyranny in cyberspace is still unpolished and immature. Like a young girl it still has the potential to grow either way. But, as achieved already teenager years, it is growing violent, trying her limits and also sometimes seems to be exploring herself in a way that she wont really yet understand herself. And, what is worse, she has no idea of the world outside of her innocent mind.

This is perhaps as accurate as it goes when one considers the face of power in cyberspace as it is today. And this horny young girl, teeny as she is, does not have parents. Barely anyone is guiding her to grow out and behave. But people are so eager, well mostly, about the pretty faces of power, captivated about her beauty and pretty eyes. She smile and smooth, even dance-like movement, makes everyone just sit hours after hours hands on their keyboards, in offices, homes, cafes and military camps. She truly has her peace-ensuring character, as people unite around databases, wonders of pixels and invisible networks. Free Word and Excel, like the gift from the heaven, has suddenly landed on to the surface of earth. This is too much to be true! Suddenly everything is easy, all tyrannies are gone, as there are free email, low latency networks available for all — and we all have the freedom to do what we want! There is no danger of this pretty girl to grow despotic and bad as long as there is freedom of movement and free pron.

But, as people tend not to, they won’t see the truth. They won’t see the advance of time, which they think is bound to the atoms, which they think is stable and absolute. And they are so in love with that pretty face of the girl that they think that she must be good. They are so in love with the pretty faces of truth, that they are ready to get rid of anyone who says otherwise. Witches find themselves soon burning alive across Europe. Who dare not to love that pretty girl! He must go! It has happened before, and it will happen again.

Let that girl grow up and people will see. Soon she will grow old and nasty. Like a pretty butterfly it will turn herself into a black widow. Cast wings off and grow in size. Suddenly there is no more fun as she turns out her next phase.

Make no mistake, the beauty of the teeny girl is soon gone. Already she is fighting on the streets and quarreling like never before. But, no worries, there will be more to come. Let her grow out, cast her wings off and go out.

Biography of Audrey Holiday

The newcomer in the adult industry, hot and sexy Audrey Holiday has been reported to be active only from this year on. She is the stunning girl from LA, USA, seemingly attached there for now. Not much is known about her in public domain, yet she gives out that promising and exciting kinkiness and sexy appearance to her already today. Who is this sexy girl? Where did she come from, and where can we assume she would be going next?

For a young girl (21 years today), she has extensive portfolio of performance, covering all the modern and important genres, from “all natural”, bondage and group scenes. Her young age contributes to her selection of her performance criteria, and that is just natural way to go. On her list of scenes, the bondage includes light and extreme, yet her movies performed in public so far perhaps are still lacking this extreme part of the performance. It remains to be seen how her performance repertoire will develop on that side. However she has been performing for the famous kinky web brand and being tied up in their movies, in a way that some viewers might consider to be extreme. Maybe there will be some experiences on that domain which will get migrated to her mainstream movie roles, where the underground themes mix with the normal, acceptable and casual, in a thrilling way, forming the excited and deep expression to the performance.

Angels and friends

Her stunning appearance and energetic young performance, and indeed her domestic location in famous hub of the adult industry, Los Angeles, U.S. has surely contributed to the fact that she has been associated with the top class distributors and studios from the day one. Like she is proud to tweet with little to no experience, just recently, advertising her appearance in one Evil Angel production Anal Young’uns #03. Not many newcomers are performing for the worlds top class studios from the day one. Indeed many of the ladies work out from the small studios, small acts, towards the bigger institutions, maybe by going through many auditions, like Woodmans Casting-X, before gaining the required audience and support for appearance. For Audrin this does not seem to be an issue or even having been before an obstacle to overcome. To this matter, most probably she has been born a cock in her mouth, i we may say so, to highlight her existing network and peers to push her forward in the adult industry career. Little she goes in public to reveal about these social connections, her personal angels, but surely we can assume that there are those around her.

Anal Modernity

When we consider her repertoire and the movies she has been publicly recorded to be acting in, there is a steady tendency towards the dominance of the anal scenery. That is a good brand for her, however one should take into account that it might unnecessarily limit the scope of her audience and indeed the length of her career. The anal scenes work generally good for young girls, and sexy gay studs, however when the career goes along, the anal scenes might quickly loose their special touch and might not any more be attractive. However for this matter, Audrey has steady and good brand build for her performance around the bondage culture. There might be no obstacles for one to move increasing that part of the scenery in her performance, and surely she could become an icon on that genre. And what is sure, the audience for extreme bondage genre, as weird and some others might doom it to be, is very stable and loyal. One who goes on whipping and tying up thick ropes around the sexy body of girly girl, only rarely goes back to the vanilla performance. Once you get to taste the horny fuck, why would one ever want to go back?

The Cyber-Kinky Audrey

For the modern kinky girls and the young newcomers porn stars, it needs to be so that the presence on the global adult network is rather wide than narrow. For Audrey, perhaps due to her innocence and virginity in the adult industry, the backbone of the digital brand is her twitter account. That does leave a lot room for growth, even when there are studios and distributors are presenting her in her captivating and attracting beauty, and not to forget her LAXModels studio, who take good care of her public image.

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Maybe it is her decision made knowingly, since after all, some of the super porn stars went head on to create and invest into their web presence. Some of them went on creating more and more personal connection tools, market places and even selling customised videoclips for the horny and demanding global audience. Audrey wont seem to have any of the similar ambitions. It could very well be, that this choice proves to be a good done, good strategic decision on her public image matters. And surely, she is known more of her kinky horniness than her availability online or serving of the masses.

Challenges and opportunities

Her public appearance, image and profile is seemingly American. That is for a reason, as she has been clearly identified herself to belong to the immediate sphere of influence of LA, USA. However she reveals only little of her past, where did she grow up and what happened when she first got on to taste how sweet the sour is. However consider for example Proxy Paige, who was reported having been moving into the European continent, just along her successive career in the adult industry. For Audrey, this legacy attachment to the national identity, the LA hub of sinful entertainment and porn, could be later seen as a source of growth and development of her career, or in the worst case as a hindrance she would never be able to overcome. However as pretty as she is, and with such a good character and diligent attitude, one can only expect that her career will be full of successes, awards and pots.

Rocco Siffredi

All the girls who are serious about their adult industry career, and who have been performing for the top-notch studios have surely had their wet dreams of the famous porn actor Rocco Siffredi. He is famous of her gentle yet decisive performance to please the girls, as he really takes the lead of the show and wants to let the sexy girls to taste all the flavours there is.

He has been born in 1964, on the May 4th, in Italy. That maybe, and all the lovely pasta they prepare, is the secret to her exclusive quality and potent. His cock is well shaped and looks good, hard or soft. Many girls just cant keep their hands off the pretty dick and the mouths open up naturally inviting him to let the girls taste his awesome cock.

Some people might consider his performance rough, and surely there is the point to that, but at the same time that has proven to be a good choice for him, building up his brand and career. He is not like the others, and it seems that many girls and actresses love his special touch.

Masculine Power of Porn

Maybe because of her potent and special character, or just because of the pure masculinity, she has grown to a powerful player in the adult industry. While the extensive collection of awards he has received is immerse in amount and coverage, there must still be something else in his performance to secure and build up the powerful role in the industry. Even around the times of sun setting for her career, he still feels strong attachment and influence, and still finds it difficult to settle down for other businesses. That is the curse of all talented and devoted people, they are every day touching the edges of reason, and as the surrounding society has been built for the masses, it might not be able to support the life of the genius, like Rocco Siffredi.

Yet despite his powerful position and special omnipotence for the lovely girls, he never grew up misusing any of that power, and he never stepped over the line with the girls or in his business activities. He is surely one who will stay as icon and symbol during many centuries to come, and a long time will pass before a new Rocco Siffredi will appear from the mud of love.

Dawn of a new era

The fate of all the stars in the sky, and the heroes on the planet is to face the mission impossible. To that extent, Rocco has tried already twice to announce his retirement from the adult industry, and left all wait when he will make a comeback next time. Yet he has been seemingly unable to settle down and find the peace of mind to calm down the angry cock. As he has been reported noting, on some level he has felt that the urge for his sexual performance caused him also stress and worries, as happens to all the super stars from Paul McCartney, all the remarkable Kings and Queens, and indeed Beethoven and Mozart, to name just few.

All the girls who he did perform with, however will surely remember the encounter vividly for the years to come, if not for their whole lives. And indeed it has been said that some of them have noted that they explored a whole new set of sexuality in themselves when going about with Rocco Siffredi. Partly the secret to his particular performance can be thought to lie in the crazy contrasting combination of gentleness and cruelty. That is something which is difficult to learn, but maybe only something that one has been born with.

Movies on the edge

The bare volume of movie titles he has been performing in is behind the comprehension for all. And that can only be the result of the immense devotion and also the hard and difficult personal struggle. At the same time, there is a certain amount of luck in his career. Having met all the relevant and right producers and indeed the writers has enabled him to be part of the Animal Trainer, Psycho Teens, True Anal Stories and the famous Initiations, to name just few. And on the interesting way he has surely been the relevant actor and key player in forming these circumstances.

Most of the movies did carry on the special nature of his performance, that special flavour that originates from the mystic combination of the contrasting themes in his appearance. Therefore his name became as a legend and a brand for the adult industry. Notable was also his spontaneous role in the movies, since barely anyone recalls any other male actor in the movies. His strong identity and remarkable contribution shines over all the other actors and it seems that all the other are willing and glad to give the stage of the world of adult industry for him.

For the family

Despite his active and surely tiring work, even as much as he loves the work, he has found the free time and good amount of energy to work for domestic matters. He has married and in this world there will be people who can be proud of the sexual energy they inherited from the most powerful actor and influencer in the world of adult industry, movies and porn.

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Just recently, he has been noted referring to his increased devotion towards the family, however he has been declaring that also before, but then came back on to the stage. Yet he seems to express the immense care and love for his wife, just like for his mother and offspring. Maybe that has something to do with the immense urge he as for the performance with sexy ladies.

Whatever happens with his retirement plans, the sure thing is that his family and the adult industry will be ann eternal part of his life, including all the girls he has been going with, the producers and indeed the whole audience around the world. Considering the amount of his performance, maybe he could be called to be the Global Antidepressant for the world. Many girls and boys surely would thank him for the joy and pleasure he as contributed to the world.