Welcome to the wonderland

When a ship is sinking, water flooding in and engines cut off, a captain who tries to keep people inside rather than help and encourage them to move on may not be a good captain after all. Many European governments are doing just that, punishing people who flee out from the poverty and slavery.

If someone manages to get out, and even build up something anew, these young and immature regimes, just line mafia or animals, they get angry and jealous. Now it is the time of globalization, so they think they can rule everywhere. Those traitors! they yell, and orchestrate invasions of various kinds, to make sure that those they could not uphold, understand or love, those will face their misery.

Ultimately it is the question of limited territorial sovereignty and global beast. Horrors of the world wars led to cages built around the psychic countries and regimes. Now they have escaped those cages, limited territorial sovereignty has been turned into omnipotent global dominance.  However, that game may not have happy ending. Who protects the people? Anyone? Global slavery and horny bacchanals of mad elephants go on wild.

Not all the countries, governments or regimes however do like some.


Tyranny of Statistics and Fake Gods

It has become to our attention, that certain circles around the intelligence community are pushing forward their eugenic ideals. Many host nations are obeying their command in their hope for the return of favor – political, military and perhaps more importantly financial and intelligence sharing. What is the currency in this game are the ordinary and innocent people, those people whose future has been hijacked to be political asset and also means for blackmailing.

Many of these host nations have obeyed to their best, giving out personal details but also genome data and ultimately handed them over on under the fate and consideration of these eugenic forces. These governments who went bad, got too excited about their role that shifted from that of landlord into something that resembles more a pimp. Selling their loved ones for the pleasure of horny intelligence community, these governments took the bold step into stepping over very fragile and contested terrain, that is the future. Like Enron did not teach them nothing. Now it is not any more about trading futures on the stock markets, but futures of people. Like all the wars start with the aim towards peace, like the most horrific wrongs are done in the name of good. These guys come similarly, not dressed as green men, not even armed to their teeth with contemporary weaponry, but like fake priests telling people they know the future, telling people that they can change that future – and that they have the magic key of truth in their possession.

Genetic diseases have long time been the lovechild of eugenics. That argument is something not many can argue about, and that makes it powerful. This time, however, with their improved boldness, they wont address only genetic diseases in the traditional sense, but as horny as they are, genetic behavior, thinking and indeed the very existence of human mind . With their powerful technological tools of dominance, domain of knowledge and “priesthood of science”, they have waged a proxy war against people who might be, in their mind, genetically dangerous. As they smile good, speak good, say that they are doing in peace, many obey, many governments play along. Foolishness is the weak point of technocratic government.

With their bold actions, which they of course think are right and not wrong, they have started to play Gods saying that they have the keys for the future. Excited with statistical probability, these guys build justification for their preventive actions, that is in essence, offensive actions, against their people and indeed the future of ordinary random people. And they are psychic enough to think they can run the show globally. Good bless the victims of the offensive against the future!

While connecting their horny eugenic ideals on to nationalism, these offensive actions give birth for the ultimate beast. While connecting these fake prophesies into human mind, life and thoughts, these mad actions give rise for the global persecutive actions.

Like the most cruel and insane murderers, if their victims get worried, they just smile and calm down in words. Like the mother who ate her children, these tyrannies just impose their psychic care pushing people into despair. Those who have means and power to argue against, those will face their military might and punitive actions.

Say no more, they already came to say I speak too much. They already delivered the message that they just want to cut my cock off. They already wrote the memories and delivered their judgement. It may be, that only future is able to show them how wrong they are. That very same future that they think and say they master and own.

Yandex offices raided in Kiev, Ukraine

Ongoing global struggle of the dominance in cyberspace is getting confusing appearance. While not able to solve the difficult question on distribution of power in seemingly global and a-territorial cyberspace, old or emergent pseudo-states, some of them have taken the policing so seriously, if not naively, that they have step on the offensive side. This time Ukraine has reportedly attacked an office of Russian Yandex company in their capital, Kiev.

Earlier Ukraine had enacted a law to criminalize a few web services which traditionally, and again, naively, have been identified as Russian. However, what makes them more Russian than any other? Yes, many Russians use them, but so does many who are not Russians. Indeed the national identity can have only weak reflection in the cyberspace. And many people too identify themselves into various categories, where there may not be room for a single national tone. Some countries have tried to use language and defining argument on how to define national identities in the cyberspace. That is only partial solution which does not satisfy and which defaults to the conceptions of the past world.

Given the seriousness of the accusation the Ukraine court and presumably the government has put on the Yandex company, namely treason of highest degree, could open the path for further cases against the common practices in the wild west of the cyberspace. In that context Yandex office in Kiev may not the relevant, not even interesting target.

Sources: http://uk.reuters.com/article/us-ukraine-crisis-yandex-idUKKBN18P17Shttp://www.fort-russ.com/2017/05/violent-censorship-ukrainian-security.html,

Understanding of Life and Civilization

Now, this may not be something everyone want to read!
So, feel free to stay off. But we say important things. Keep your ears open, keep them very open, for this is very crucial thing.

Many people will say that this is just empty words

Many people will say that there is nothing to it

Many people will attack ad hominem

Many people will not just want to believe

Many people, many people.

Who makes the rules? Who will define the 3rd dimension of power?

Who knows the world? Who knows the true and false?

Fake news and real insanity!

Are these the weapons of Realism?

People are more wise than Reality
– Oh my, save the People from the Madness of the Reality!

It is now not more than May 2560

Just do not be afraid to face the insanity of the reality

Do not be afraid to face and become friends of the chaotic order

And what is most: to realize that there is no future, nor a past.

It is just an illusion – an illusion they are going to use against you!

War is madness, and as such the question “how come there is war” becomes, when you face it, the last one.

Cold or Invisible or Dark War?

We had before cold war, we had hot war or two, but none of them really did address the question of war. What we have now is more like a dark war, invisible war. Peaceful war. That is perhaps the most cruel form of war.

The idea of declaring the state of war was intentionally confined in many cases to be under the popular domain, to prevent it to be declared silently. Yet, what we have not, is the state of war, within the state of peace.

War is not about the state of war, but the state of war is declared for the public benefit. In the case of global civil war, nobody want to declare war, how could they, because, that would be counterproductive for the parties of war.

But, who will protect people in this modern non-war? United Nations are there any more, and if they were, they had no powers over people over the hostile governments.

Make no mistake, dark war is like half-truth. It is the nastiest of all. In dark war there is peace and war mixed in the way that the victims of the war never can get the classic protection against war, yet they are fully exposed.


The Struggle of Post-Truth and The Challenge of the Past

The form of eugenics that was once done near Pirna, Sonnenstein, Schoenbrunn, is seemingly coming back. As they used to turn difficult people into ashes, that what they are doing now, is getting similar characteristics. They are sterilizing, criminalizing, jailing or whatever, people they think could be dangerous. Inherently this is as chauvinistic as is the aim to change the future. They think they know the way matters are, to the extent that they can say about future, and even to the extend that they have engaged, in their psychic horny war, to change the future before it happens. What is that more than offensive preemptive action? Is that not war against people?

They are so convinced about their aim to defend the institutions of truth, knowledge politics and social coherence, that they are ready to launch preemptive action, go  offensive, against people who they think might be problems. And do not make mistake, they wont come armed up to the teeth with traditional weaponry or tools of dominance. But, they will present themselves like Malware Trojan Horses, with smile and caring attitude, they break through almost any wall saying they want to help and that they are worried  — but in essence, only act as false priests, claiming they own the truth, the truth of not only that of today but tomorrow as well. But, they don’t want, nor could they, help anyone, they just want to secure their authority, territory and regime.

Many people still fall into that trap, take their pitch like bunch a false money.

Cybernetic Power and End of Politics

Cyberspace, as it has been labeled by US Militant leadership, is doing well and spreading all over the world. Drones are launched on to the skies to reach out territories where no cables are no-one to erect towers either. Brazilians launched even a satellite just a while ago, on the geostationary orbit, so that gigabytes after gigabytes can reach who Brazil well over Atlantic and everywhere what happens lie under the fake moon looming on the sky high up.

At the same time big ideological changes are occurring in the way people treat each other, how they are treated by the “state” (let it be deep or not so deep) and indeed about what is the role of the human in the production cycle, as a person, individual, source of thought. Cybernetic power has established herself into the cyberspace, by establishing structures of obedience towards self-service, password management and, at last, ever-growing threat of viruses, diseases and even catastrophic loss of everything. Now, this makes people to seek shelter, under the umbrella of emerging cyber powers.

However, the face of tyranny in cyberspace is still unpolished and immature. Like a young girl it still has the potential to grow either way. But, as achieved already teenager years, it is growing violent, trying her limits and also sometimes seems to be exploring herself in a way that she wont really yet understand herself. And, what is worse, she has no idea of the world outside of her innocent mind.

This is perhaps as accurate as it goes when one considers the face of power in cyberspace as it is today. And this horny young girl, teeny as she is, does not have parents. Barely anyone is guiding her to grow out and behave. But people are so eager, well mostly, about the pretty faces of power, captivated about her beauty and pretty eyes. She smile and smooth, even dance-like movement, makes everyone just sit hours after hours hands on their keyboards, in offices, homes, cafes and military camps. She truly has her peace-ensuring character, as people unite around databases, wonders of pixels and invisible networks. Free Word and Excel, like the gift from the heaven, has suddenly landed on to the surface of earth. This is too much to be true! Suddenly everything is easy, all tyrannies are gone, as there are free email, low latency networks available for all — and we all have the freedom to do what we want! There is no danger of this pretty girl to grow despotic and bad as long as there is freedom of movement and free pron.

But, as people tend not to, they won’t see the truth. They won’t see the advance of time, which they think is bound to the atoms, which they think is stable and absolute. And they are so in love with that pretty face of the girl that they think that she must be good. They are so in love with the pretty faces of truth, that they are ready to get rid of anyone who says otherwise. Witches find themselves soon burning alive across Europe. Who dare not to love that pretty girl! He must go! It has happened before, and it will happen again.

Let that girl grow up and people will see. Soon she will grow old and nasty. Like a pretty butterfly it will turn herself into a black widow. Cast wings off and grow in size. Suddenly there is no more fun as she turns out her next phase.

Make no mistake, the beauty of the teeny girl is soon gone. Already she is fighting on the streets and quarreling like never before. But, no worries, there will be more to come. Let her grow out, cast her wings off and go out.

Molotov club Moscow section statement about the terror attack on the car with OSCE monitoring mission personnel

Borotba Union sources in the Lugansk Рeoрles’ Reрublic (LРR) reрort:

In Aрril 23, 2017, on the territory not controlled by forces of Lugansk Рeoрles’ Reрublic (LРR), the car with OSCE monitoring missionpersonnel was exрloaded. The OSCE personnel were in the process of check in the bordering area. As the result of this terror attack, one OSCE personnel member, a UK citizen has died.

It was actually reрorted earlier by the LРR State security Ministry reрresentatives, that from the beginning of Aрril 2017, on the territory bordering the LРR, under control of Ukrainian trooрs, the 8th regiment of Ukrainian sрecial forces is very active.

Also, as it is known from the oрen sources, the Ukrainian artillery have started severe shelling of the area there the OSCE car exрlosion has occurred straight after the exрlosion. That is another evidence that Ukrainian side does not want anyone to investigate in that area, esрecially the LРR investigators, to find the details about the terror act.

By the oрinion of the Eastern Ukraine рeace solution contact grouр member, Mr. Miroshnik, the OSCE car has been exрloded by Ukrainian sрecial forces “for the рurрose of raising on international level the question of entering some international armored mission trooрs to Donbass”.

That “international forces” will have the рurрose of covering the assault of Ukrainian trooрs against the Рeoрles’ reрublics of Donbass.

Along with this, the LРR security states that by their information, in the city of Lugansk and in the area some of the sabotage grouрs from the 8th regiment of Ukrainian sрecial forces thet have their task to destabilize the situation in the LРR and to рrovoke the armored forces of the Reрublic to the actions in resрonce only to secure their frontier. That can be use by the authorities of Kiev to blame Lugansk in violation of the Minsk agreement.

Taking into consideration all the above mentioned, we exрect the escalation of рressure onto Donetsk and Lugansk Рeoрles’ Reрublics (DРR and LРR) in the nearest time that may result in a full scale Ukrainian assault against them in the middle of May or beginning of June 2017. This military actions of great scale will have рurрose to withdrow as much as рossible media attention from US led military couр in Рhiliррines and, рossibly, NATO military assaults against Iran.

Repost from: http://molotovclub.pe.hu/en/european-politics/molotov-club-moscow-section-statement-about-the-terror-attack-on-the-car-with-osce-monitoring-mission-personnel/


War of Minds and Preventive Actions

Just today, one of the most peaceful nordic countries, at least when it comes to their narrative, declared in public that — now, this may not be good for children — they are openly and proudly preparing for a war. But, here is the catch. Not catch for us, but a catch for them. They think that it is not really war, literally, as they argued, because “there are no bullets involved”. Oh my!

War of minds, and as horny as they are, to deploy and project their power of non-lethal influence, these people say they — for real — are preparing for a war. However, their psychic notion does not reach out to the next step. War for what? Against who? They are just like drunken elephants having a huge powers at ands, the powers of the global beast, and now they do, as one of them did, when I had pleasure to talk with them directly, prepare to project their influence on the global scale. This particular one said they want to initiate a revolution in China! Oh my! Revolution in China! Are there people completely mad?

Whatever the case is, the sad reality is, that the cyberspace, and maybe something else too, has made some people and some governments to expand themselves and to proclaim themselves, spontaneously to be, not only masters of the world, but also masters of the Mind. Now, that is scary! Those who have read the history and do have a compassion in their heart, would perhaps say “no=no” during this round.

But, still, they are not alone. They are waging a war against minds. Against influence in their minds. By trying to influence other minds. See the point? There is no happy ending in that game!


Analysis from Molotov Club: Fake News on Syria — or not?

Terrible videos showing dozens of corpses, mostly children, victims of a Syria army’s chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun, have drawn a wide response across the globe. Mainstream media immediately began to spread the horrible footage of the Assad’s “atrocities”, without even gaining insight into the reliability of the broadcasting information. Using this occasion, the US administration was able to show the decisive nature of its new policy in the Middle East and retaliated against the Syrian Shayrat airbase.

However, after that, experts began to look closely at the “proofs” of using of chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun, thereby embarrassing questions arose.
♦ First of all, footage of the same video, shot by the NGO ‘White Helmets’ and unnamed eyewitnesses, is replicated in media ( CBS, ABC News, CNN, Euronews, Smart News, Associated Press and others). No other confirmations of an occured chemical attack are provided.
♦ Secondly, the first reports on the engagement of poisonous substances in Khan Shaykhun have appeared on the Internet early in the morning on April 4, while the air strikes of the Syrian Air Force on terrorist positions were carried out several hours later, at 11 am.
♦ According to the report of an independent British project of investigative journalism Bellingcat, at 6:22 am (UTC) Edlib Media Center started online broadcasting from the site of the tragedy. At 6:33 am (UTC) a video showing the corpses of 9 children appeared in Youtube. When clicking on the link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6rqgSGclUw), we see that the video was published on April 3. According to IT specialists, there is no technical information (where, when, by whom the file was created) on all the videos distributed on the Internet. That is, all the meta data was previously deleted, and only then the video appeared in the Network, therefore it is not possible to establish authorship, as well as the place and time of the shooting, which indicates a purposeful stovepiping.
♦ Thirdly, in shot we see the operator’s bare hands without any protective means, which raises doubts about the authenticity of what is going on. Experts on chemical weapons note that after the sarin attack death occurs within 15 minutes, and its lethal concentration in the air persists for a day.

However, ‘White Helmets’ video and photo evidence shows that all those who provide assistance to the victims are working without special means of protection, and journalists using only primitive respirators are covering events later on the same day ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXZkiaW9R3I ). Footage shows still living people, which indicates that the chemical attack has just been occurred, and it is not clear how the cameramen and rescuers haven’t yet died without the use of protective equipment, as well as they didn’t show symptoms of poisoning. In addition, the affected children should have died earlier than adults due to their small weight. The video shows a clear discrepancy – adult men are dead, and young children are alive.

Moreover, when commenting on the effects of the chemical attack, experts point out that a road crater couldn’t have appeared from the gas attack, as the journalist Hadi Abdallah demonstrates in a video. The chemical charge is triggered above the ground to cause the maximum damaging effect, otherwise the active substance will be burned out without causing harm to others.

Fourth, the symptoms of the chemical attack victims also raise a number of questions. Gassing causes convulsions, spasmus, uncontrollable excrement, excessive salivation, hidrosis, severe pains and a growing sense of fear. None of these symptoms are observed in Khan Shaykhun victims. Corpses lie in natural relaxed poses, but should be bented double with pain, children breathe heavily, but behave calmly, don’t yell and don’t cry. Their clothing and underwear are clean.

With regard to the above mentioned, symptoms of poisoning also appear non-simultaneously and unevenly: some have miotic pupils, others have rough breathing, others have nosebleeds.

Fifth, the analysis of the “White Helmets” videos by medical specialists indicates that the chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun is a screenversion.

The chairman of the non-governmental research association “Swedish Doctors for Human Rights” (SWEDHR), Professor Marcello Vittorio Ferrada de Noli and his colleagues studied the actions of the “rescuers” of the chemical attack victims and concluded that: the children shown in the video are more likely to be under the influence of drugs than poisonous substances; epinephrine injection is also done incorrectly and can lead to the death of the child. According to Swedish doctors, the White Helmets activists don’t rescue, but purposefully kill children, so that they can be misrepresent as the victims of the Syrian army.
♦ Opinions of independent analysts have also appeared on the Internet. For example, the US security expert Joel Scausen (https://www.worldaffairsbrief.com/) believes that “the incident in Khan Shaykhun is a fake, and the mainstream media are accusing Assad of chemical attack when the only source of information they rely on are the US-backed Syrian rebels”. According to him, such an incident is part of a political manipulation, aiming to exert pressure, including on the US President Donald Trump and his policy in the Middle East.

Media have formed a steady negative image of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, so another demonstration of his “atrocities” may possibly create favorable conditions for increasing pressure on the international community forcing it to take action against Damascus, as well as supporting it Moscow and Tehran. In addition, a detailed information campaign after the story with the chemical attack may be aimed at diverting attention from US air strikes on the Syrian territory and the legitimacy of the actions of the international coalition, as well as the situation in Iraq. After all, now the UN will become bewildered by the investigation of the tragedy in Khan Shaykhun, but not by the victims of Mosul bombing or by the issue of violation of Syrian sovereignty.

Source: molotovclub.pe.hu