Superiority of Free Will and Quantum Encryption

Ultimate question in the world of security and defence is that of the ability to maintain independent decision making and indeed the ability to hold secret things secret, even when being in the state of complete control and dominance of foreign powers. Thus, the best way to ensure peace is to absorb the effects of invasion. In more detail, to eliminate and diminish any compromised data, invalidate it and yet still hold on of the superiority of encryption and secrecy.

Complexity as the source of defence carries along a heavy and trusted barrier. Still, complexity inevitably is vulnerable for the attacks of persistence and competing complexities. Cold war and arms race, complexes against complexes, increasing in amount of power, material and required effort, endless spiral of battles of might.

However, that is tiring game with no end in sight.

The thing that offer true protection against invasion is the access to a true source of randomness. Like a well of miraculous healing water, the well of eternal life, the source of random numbers can uphold your privacy and sovereignty even when occupied, compromised and vulnerable. At least access to a tiny source of true randomness can keep you up and running. What is awesome, a source of randomness is immune to surveillance, since, due to its character of being completely random, once surveyed it is not the same ever again. Like the methodological trap of realistic survey politics, wrongly assuming its passive and non-intrusive nature, fails to grasp the reality it surveys, since at the very instance it thinks having been gained some insight on it, the reality is not there any more.

Most vulnerable are those forms of encryption which use predictable sources of randomness. Replace the random source with chaotic quantum physics, and you get your free will back. Maintain access to the source of eternity and you are immune to any invasion. If your source of randomness is too tight and tiny, you are free to amplify it to be huge and magnificent.

Quantum Encryption likes to play with the naive realistic assumption. The whole world which was built on the assumption, at the time true and rational Enlightenment, of the existence of coherent mathematical system and formulas has faced the paradox of randomness found within. More relevant than the Rule of Law, and the tyranny of knowledge, facts and statistics, more relevant for the success of modern mights is their access to the source of random.

Ultranationalist Ukraine and Azov National Guard

As the war gets on, on the Ukraine soil, more and more strange news and headlines fill up the tiny cyberspace of the European continent. People get worried, that is understandable, as governments increasingly fail to respond to the suffering of their people. Many European governments are in difficult situation, since de-facto, they have lost their sovereignty in many cases. So far so good, yet most of the people won’t really play well with that and now demand their governments to restore the independence. Endless circle is ready, like in ultranationalist Ukraine can be seen. High volume nationalist movements rise rapidly, with their effort to uphold and maintain something that was only a phenomena in the past, a nation-state in Europe. Recently, news came from Borotba Union from the underground of Kharkiv, Ukraine, that further activity and organising was happening under the patronage of Ukrainian Nationalist Party and his bogeyman Andrew Biletsky.

Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kharkiv, Ukraine

This new force, in ultranationalist Ukraine, is something like prototype of new civilian force, Azov Civilian Corps (ACC). The name of Azov has earlier been seen in the connection of fascist and ultranationalist activity, as “National Guard” of Ukraine and under patronage of highly political organisation “Patriot of Ukraine”.

Civilan forces, which some might call militant groups, or have been known to gather around in Europe, eg. in former Yugoslavia. Recall KLA, IRA, etc? You name them! This Azov civilian wing has been reported to consist of 600 young soldiers and expected to grow over on thousand soonish. Like many proxy forces of today, and even liberation armies in the past, this as well has been said to grow under the blessing of formal national intelligence structures, SBU.

Officially many of these official security organisations deny any involvement, and if they do, they state only that the would not want to see further growth of that group under their protection. In the case of SBU Kharkiv, like is understandable, local people are well aware of the kind support of SBU. That support may be also passive, non-interference, as it has been happening many times before.

These civilian forces, corps, or para-militants, in many cases return the favour. Like everywhere in Europe and like in most of the cases when proxy forces are used, these subordinates do also the dirty work for their superior. In this case, this group has been reported being working for SBU police, against migrants against pro-Russian citizens and organising protests around eg. Russian consulate. Proxy forces are the modern military wings! Unaccountability is the name of the game today. Police forces elsewhere have also been spotted being supporting nationalist forces, handing over their powers for civilian corps, and generally acting more and more supporting political movements.

It may not be a surprise, that the office of Internal Affairs in Ukraine is held by the spiritual leader of Ukrainian nationalist and the creator of National Guard, Arsen Avakov. He has been promoting both Azov and Biletskiy. Reports are coming, that these civilian forces are acquiring more and more military capabilities, skills and mandate. Not only in Ukraine so.

Barely irrelevant is also that Poland and the USA have permanent presence of instructors on board in Kharkiv. And recently both NATO Stoltenberg and another US politician by accident leaked in public their quite strong commitment for the act of supporting Ukrainian nationalist movement. They have even been reported teaching these civilian corps, read: liberation armies, in combat tactics, shooting and handling explosives.

It has been known that Mr Biletsky moved to Kharkiv only this January and he has been reportedly participating in nationalists torchlight marches. Similar strange occurrences from the past have been seen around Europe. These processions tend to cause disturbance among the people and even flashbacks from the annals of the history nobody want to return.

What is particularly alarming here, is that these nationalist forces were also seen promoting against current puppet government in Kiev and president Poroshenko. This would indicate that the fronts of the civil war are getting contrast and the facts of the situation should not be considered by general public any more as “Russian aggression”.

Kharkiv is known to be Russian minded city and this ultranationalist movement is meant to cause terror and panic among the people. Mr Biletskiy has the power in his hands, for the good or worse. He has even the word to act against dissidents and people who disagree.

His goal may not be the taking over of Kharkiv in itself, but to provoke new protests across Ukraine. Unrest and demonstrations, are always good pretext for further action. This Azov Civilan movement works under armed units of the mother organisation Azov, who may then begin perhaps another Maidan in Kiev or something.

Acting against pro-Russian population in Kharkiv, Biletsky aims to neutralise the only left force to prevent nationalist influence to grow. And what is more, perhaps narcissistic enough, seeing the decline of Poroshenko, perhaps he sees his moment to grow, gain support and build up forces.

Red Hat at the Maidan Square, Ukraine
Red Hat at the Maidan Square, Ukraine

Similar conditions existed already in 2013 before the Euromaidan and during spring 2014 people of Kharkiv protested against the coup etat in Kiev. After that, buildings of many state authorities were taken over and official put down. Unlike Donetsk and Lugansk regions, Kharkov did not have power to resist and the resistance movement was broken up by Ukraine special forces SBU arriving from other parts of the country.

Many of those have been kept in prison for long time and those nationalists never really sorted out. What happens in the future for Kharkiv, what Biletsky and his nationalist forcers are up to? Maybe the next maidan will not be in Kiev but in Kharkiv.







Coping Mechanism Towards Radicalising State

People are left well without any tools, relevant tools, to deter the weak state into falling into tyranny and lethal process of radicalisation. By nature, it overpowers in everything and those who claim they excel the sovereign, either hypothetically or in real, those are in great danger. As the state encounters first waves of existential crisis, especially when it lacks in roots and temporal dimension, it tends to turn inwards and wage a process of purification. Just like in eastern Ukraine on the brick of the full scale military effort, frequent mind patrolling is conducted to clear out areas next and near to the theatre of War. Strong state as it grows mad and bad, needs to ensure that people think straight, obey its command and stay on the line. This is the first step in the process of collapse of the state itself.

Post-industrial states that expanded themselves on to the global scale are behaving increasingly boldly. Without any hesitation they neglect the borders and sovereignty of others, privacy of people and fall themselves in the path of destructive insulting and disrespect. Loyal to their modus operandi, they blame people on the situation, tries to fix the assumed incoherence by launching massive internal cleaning operations. Just like many eastern European countries today, horny with their russophobic actions, spare no means in breach any barriers of dignity, privacy or respect to their people, since they are in the mode of urgency and existential crisis (aka national interest). Radical nationalist organism, the state, tries to defend itself by the means it got breed with in the first place.

Modern Framework of Asylum in the Cyberspace

In the early days of the nation state and after the horrors of the world wars not too long time ago, a deep and fundamental regulation on the human rights of people were founded. As lesser things, as the state grows bad, humans are essentially defenceless. To prevent tyrannies and governments in misusing their acquired powers, people had the ultimate right of seeking exile, thus declaring the actions of the state unlawful and make a compromise by leaving off for good or for a limited time. This was effective measure for a long time, since the governments rather routinely took over dissidents out from the game of others. It was a win-win game for both. As someone came to seek asylum, the receiving nation usually got a good load of intelligence information with a cheap price. Many lives were saved due to simple tradition of exile, with traditions deep in the history of Western cultures alike. Exile and asylum are cheaper and cleaner way to solve the question of capital punishment or political oppression. Working and fresh asylum process can nourish the world. Economic arguments are just excuse used by greedy tyrannies who try to own the people.

At the times of global War on Terror, cyberspace and self-proclaimed global states, people are taken off from the safety net of exile. Databases, intelligence agencies and operations span across the continents and with no respect of neither the sovereignty of other states but neither of the individuals. Without hesitation, operatives are moved as tourists from country to country, working and touring when needed. More cost-effectively the global identity and tools of dominance continue their daily presence in digital communication, news delivery, social connections and keystrokes. Without fear of charges between the states, they conduct their operations on foreign soil and within the borders of the concept of individual privacy and dignity.

Enacting Deterrence for the Tyranny of the State

Lacking in the human rights of exile and asylum, people need further enablers of realisation of the compensation of their weaker role, should they become the victims of the terrorising state, as most of the people of the European and American world have been experiencing.

Freedom of socialising was another fundamental right of the people, in order to let them gather in the case the tyranny was closing its doors and launching more wide spread campaigns against individuals or groups of people. In the time of social media, this right barely is there any more, and by conventional means of socialising, similar level of gatherings may not be achieved. While the digital environment provides tools for socialising, it is completely transparent and offers no protection when it comes to the freedom doing so, rather opposite is nearer the truth.

The core question when it comes to the sovereign-subordinate relation in the modern cyberspace is the social attachment and the question on identity. In the modern cyberspace, people are more subjects to various social identities, attachments and obligations, rather than to any single one. Thus, the concept from which the right of asylum was last resort protection diminishes in the vast mesh of cyberspace. Ultimately, therefore, the seeds of the modern framework of exile and governance need to address the question of practical weakening of the attachment to legacy national identities. Just like kinetic front-lines of today on the European continent are increasingly run by mercenaries without nationality, Swedes against Swedes and Spanish on the Russian side against Finland and Ukraine, for example. Similarly static and fixed conceptions of citizenship loose their meaning in the cyberspace and daily living of the people. Instead of seeing this development, some European countries grow more radical and nationalist, in their effort to impose, restore and uphold their national attachment globally. Instead, as wise as they were, they should do the opposite, encourage the people to not to stuck in, but to move on.

Prisoners of the invisible and unaccountable war

The ongoing struggle, or even a war, like somebody dare to say, from which everyone want to have nothing to do with, yet all who consider themselves relevant, and who would not, want to ensure their say on the matter, that ongoing war carries along a lot of collateral damage. As there is no war, people are left vulnerable and the art of war within the context and framework of peace prevails. The calmness of post-WW international order is shaking, as the struggle of power between supranational ambitions, organisations and legacy nation-states goes on. Those very same states, intoxicated of their self-proclaimed global mandate, celebrate and play with their new toys of omnipotency and unaccountability. Finally they have found the magic wand, of projecting power and influence, ensuring the long lasting presence of the empire on the global level. All that without declaration of War, without politics and without any say from the representative institutions on the question of peace and war, even when the question on that was assigned to their domain in the first place.

Assuming, that despite the lack of War, there is actually quite strong struggle of power, something also known as War, on the global scale. Since the Towers spectacle, the war against ghosts has been raging on like never before. Reaching its roots all the way to the times of the Berlin Wall and transformation of the Soviet Union into a Federation, that is also the Iraq War, Yugoslavia and Serbia Incidents, which were similarly less war than just dirty tricks, the global movement of the Empire of cash and beauties, behind the masks of Guy Fawkes, is increasingly neck to neck with legacy nation-states, various organisations and many people alike. People are taken down based on profiling, statistical probability and confined with bare suspicion or with false charges. Modern prisoners of War are confined in mental hospitals, killed by endless financial barriers and accusations, rapes and the wide array of accusations with which the collapsing state can insult and push down political ambitions and dissidents.

Secret profiling and court proceedings

In order for a global tyranny to enforce such terror on the people, massive surveillance systems are needed. And what is more, the state, the tyranny and despot, needs to penetrate deep into the individual. With the warm and welcoming face it will encourage for a mutual embracing as so to avoid discussions on political preferences or division of privileges. In this form, the state is approaching its end as it tries to tie into the human being, own it and declare everything that exists in those persons as its property and domain.

The recent globally imposed profiling actions, databases and tapped wires alike, all aim to strengthen the deep state on the global level. As intelligence organisations, and the mythic intelligence community takes over the power together with armies and corporations, humans are reduced into subjects of total dominance in the cyberspace.

Currently we have not one or two, but many victims of the modern tyranny. Naive healthcare instruments are deployed as servants to the beast, the whole army of knowledge production is raised up high to declare the global state and to push others down.

Courtrooms are replacing parliaments and prosecutor officers are manned by militia and madmen. Welcome to the world of non-invasive and passive inspection mechanisms and manoeuvres that hurt and destroy lives. Welcome to the world of drones, insanity and fascist truth.

Prisoners of War and Preventive Measures

Increasingly around the Europe and especially near the front-lines and in connection to the related regimes, more and more prisoners of war are emerging. These people may not be soldiers after all, but just people who did not agree with their nation radicalising and going offensive or imperialist around the neighbourhood and beyond. Many times these people have been pressed on with false, inaccurate, even dishonest or purely evil charges and are not granted fair trial in the true sense of the world. The list goes on and on and new cases are breeding up. Some of them end up into headlines, others stay under the surface. But in both of the cases, the confinement of people for political activism carries a lot of PR-value both for their own public but also they are used as terrorising sample cases in public mind but also in the court rooms. As the former state institutions get more and more radicalised, more persecutive actions can only be expected. Outraged of their diminishing position, they suspect everyone, grow paranoid and jail, confine and press on charges for people “just in case”. Like mad drug addicts, they deploy hard maneuvers to seek relief of something they think is coming. This is the state of mind of the War.

Pulling people down from the sky

Perhaps one of the most daring examples of such fascist activism was Ukraine forcing an aircraft down from the international airspace, to land to Kiev, just in order to let them take out one Brazilian person flying up in the sky. The crime of his was to have been collaborating with the young republics of Donbass. As there is no war in paper, but a peace agreement in effect, and practical war going on every day, these soldiers may not be prisoners of War in the classic definition of the word, but mercenaries. Booming business in Europe, as nobody want to have war, yet every state and radicalised government want to ensure their influence on matters and project as much power as they feel appropriate, in order to seek relievement from their existential anxiety.

Recall that other guy, who was fleeing on the sky as well, whose plane was similarly dragged down quite many years ago. But the operation failed and now he is under the protection of another government. And he was not the only case.

Who has the required authority, mandate and tools to do such activism in the international airspace? Who has the political and military support to police the international airspace of passenger jets, pax manifests and ticketing systems? Guess who.

People who know too much

Not all persons of interest are soldiers or political activists, many civilians alike have been listed, flagged and targeted in that psychic war on potential treat. Like the war that ever is, the radicalised government start to launch preventive measures to eliminate persons who they think might possess a potential treat. In the extreme form, this has been automated in the brain and muscles of a drone, an online agent or robot, hunting for certain profiles of movement, action, speech and paraphernalia. Once you are picked up and locked as target, there is not much to do than wait and see.

Governments that formerly were peaceful, just, considerate and protected their people, have turned their ugly face up. Just in case, just because their mind thinks what might happen, they engage into horrible actions of trying to fight ghosts. On the scene of the theatre of War, this is essential, to demonstrate and show their powers. Collateral damage gets accepted as the mythic national interest get popularity as argument for political oppression, suppression and persecution.

Some known prisoners of war and people in exile

  • Rafael Lusvarghi, Brazilian held in Kiev, Ukraine
  • Julian Assange, Australian held in London, UK
  • Mateusz Piskorski in Warsaw, Poland
  • Edward Snowden, American in Moscow, Russia
  • Ilja Janitskin, Finnish in Havana, Cuba
  • Michail Voytenko, Russian in exile somewhere

… and many more unknown victims of the tyranny of European War.

When larger and by definition stronger entities such as States and Governments start to fight against smaller things like individual or even masses of people, the core thing to remember is that the front-line is rather unbalanced. It is like God degenerating on the level of attacking its disciples. This is nonsense and absurd fight, since the eternal and complete has the upper hand in most of the dimensions. One of the core things it does have, that people lack, is the time. And that is the ultimate weapon for the sovereign. What it must do above all, is to ensure that it does have time. The more time the better. Yet, as it cannot predict let alone rule about the future, it must by all means aim to keep things as they are, protect its most valuable thing, the “time.

People on the other hand alway lack in time. There is never enough, and what there is, is also guarded and owned by the State. For this reason, a State with fights people who depend on it is not a State at all, but a tyranny and despot.

Please be safe, calm and build peace and not war.

Economic Reasoning for Intervention

One of the core themes of the contemporary governance, mostly in Europe but elsewhere as well was the mythic economic reasoning to engage into preventive actions. This was targeted by the example of the United States to launch various wars in the psychic mind of humanistic intervention. In essence, that is falling back into offensive, rather than defensive action. During that process, and increasingly, the same governments and excited institutions are using similar economic reasoning to launch preventive, that is offensive, actions against their own people as well.

This can be seen to surface as naive arguments, like treating HIV before it occurs is cheaper than afterwards. Or that preventing people from getting depressed in the first place, is cheaper than once they fall into the depths of dark mind. There is the fallacy here to use currency as means to propagate political preferences. And to the perverse sense, present predictions of the future as reduced into cash value at hand. In the extreme, preventive action, as anyone can be treat for a paranoid government, everyone need to be treated, captured and chained into the fascist cage. Arbeit macht frei!

Call for Participation: Antifascist Photo Exhibition

A recently founded Antifascist Union is doing a call for action globally. Antifascist Photo Exhibition will soon be held across the Europe.

Fascism in the modern days is much more than Mussolini and the history of the violent continent. Todays fascism can be seen in the cyberspace, in the rule of databases and totalitarian states reaching out to the world. This exhibition is all about building awareness, peace and security to the world, during the fragile and turbulent process of confronting globalist and nationalist efforts. By bringing up evidence, photos and real life stories from the modern front-lines of the war and daily living, this exhibition aims to provide a peek to the actuals of their political discourse and myths.

What is happening in the Ukraine, for example, is much about the worlds of fascism and socialism meeting face to face. Across the European continent, people are heading on the streets again, marching with fascist symbols like years before.

Antifascist Photo Exhibition put torchlit marches on display
Torchlit March (from

The Antifascist Union wants to call for photography, works and testimonials about the fascist movements in the Europe and the World. This all will be organised as an photo exhibition held first in Brussels, Belgium. The victory of Chinese and Japanese in the world markets has increasingly thrown the Europe, the home of peace and culture, into chaos and radicalising movements. Facebook and Twitter gets full of news from the frontline of the European War, that hidden war where strong fascist symbols are held in the air and people oppressed with totalitarian governments.

70th Anniversary of the United Nations

The sole stabilising institution of the world, the United Nations, was celebrating its 70th anniversary in a couple of years back. That organisation that was founded after the horrors of the world wars, indeed where fascism was trying to reach on to the global level, that very same organisation is now experiencing major issues in their mandate in the minds of the people and governments.

As collapsing states take on with their self-proclaimed mandate and reach to the world, skipping and ignoring core institutions, there is a real danger and breeding ground open for fascist movements and organisations across the world. The Antifascist Photo Exhibition wants to bring into limelight the violent policies, front-lines and practices that are kept under the populistic and sweet political message of “global freedom” and “free cyberspace”.

Participating the Antifascist Photo Exhibition

Contact the Antifascist Union today to the part to the event. Send your pictures, testimonials and other evidence of any government or military force. Whether home or abroad, in China, Finland, Ukraine or in Europe, now is the chance to get all that said aloud, so that people get to know the reality of the war on information and ideologies.

Email your photos and material to and feel free to send any donations to bank account 40703810300300000150 / INTERNATIONAL UNION of anti-FASCISTS / BIK 046015762

Feel free to use online translation tools like Yandex Translator to translate the call for participation, take contact and start building awareness of the resistance to growing fascism in the Europe and World.

European War Getting Heated Up

In the light of Minsk peace agreement in effect, more and more reports are coming about practical efforts to cook and the European War. New tanks and heavy weaponry are getting unloaded via Germany all the way to the eastern border. There are reportedly multiple shipments of hardware, including attack helicopters and a lot of other stuff the accompanying thousands of peace loving soldiers are in the need of future operations.

Tanks for the European War © Michael Dalder / Reuters
© Michael Dalder / Reuters

Around the same time, U.S. Senator John McCain was visiting Mariupol, Ukraine. Just on the edge of the frontline of ongoing hot European War, he boldly declared that the U.S. will be helping Ukraine to push Russians back from there came from.

Some time earlier the Czech Republic was reportedly granted permission for the U.S. drones to fly over the country. Drones are one of the crucial key components of the U.S. weaponry of the day. Along with cyber surveillance, viruses and worms, they are effectively able to project force globally, and in many cases in an unaccountable fashion. Drones are still a challenge to the international law and human rights. Flying with drones far away is still very tempting way for any sovereign to enforce her rule abroad. It is a sweet little bird which can do dirty things all by herself.

Hidden and Speculative European War

For the masses, there is no war. There are just insane people, terrorist organisations and then there is the Putin. Otherwise, excluding the financial crisis, everything is good for them. From this point of view, it really may make sense to accept such movements and turn the eyes off the reality and daily casualties.

Not many of us Europeans, grown up and raised there, could have imagined how distorted and twisted the continent can end up. The fragile fabric of post-world-war states was able to try to transform itself into a supranational union. But failed tragically. And now the former governments are preparing to head into a war, not only between themselves but against the unknown. Most of these countries, however, have clear parliamentary process to limit the mandate of declaration and participation to a war. Yet none of them have used that, since nobody really want to have war. Still, what they are doing and preparing to, that is illegal war that has been waged without permission of the parliaments. A war that is run only by and for global intelligence agencies and supranational bodies. And they are using people as meat and workforce in that effort.

For some reason, people have right to demand their rights to be restored. However, it is very unlikely that that would succeed. The key question is, how to construct the cage of limited mandate into which the global beasts can be placed, to let them be for good, but to contain their megalomanic world-scale ambitions.



US Intelligence on Russia Election Hacking

Just yesterday, well quite so, depending on the timezone, the core intelligence agencies of the United States published an document describing their accusations on another country influencing their recent elections outcome. The outcome of the document is straightforward. It puts the blame on Russia, and more specifically on the President Putin. In essence, the analytical, yet speculative and unreferenced conclusion is that the outcome of the election was dependent on the effects of election hacking, and that the person behind is a president of a long-time anti-US government.

Election Hacking in Action © Andrew Kelly / Reuters
Election Hacking in Action © Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Intelligence agencies rarely give out any public reports, but this time it is all online. And not due to hacking, but just in order to influence to the global opinion on, well, another government. It is therefore, kind of hacking-hacking. This is because the report tries to leaking information and details, without daring to say them aloud, about hacking. What would be the better hacking that hacking the hacking?

Accountability in Cyberspace

In the cyberspace there are no borders and barely any territorial definitions. This is good breeding ground for future world wars as well. This report takes a stance on the issue as well, and proclaims the acknowledgement of unaccountability in the cyberspace. Yet, it boldly declares the author organisations, namely US Intelligence, NSA, FBI and CIA all three together, to be the masters of the unaccountability. That means that with the report they are declaring authority and policing mandate, drawing the lines of territory in the cyberspace. For that matter, they need Russia.

For any sovereign there must be the possession of ultimate force. A sovereign who is not able to enforce her rule is no more sovereign. Same applies to the cyberspace. However the cyberspace is largely on international airspace. In the clouds there is not much accountability in the traditional domain of nation state governments. To fix that matter, US Intelligence tripartite is proclaiming their narcissistic mandate.

The intelligence community nearly compares herself to a God, when using creative wording on how they can draw definitive conclusions not only about the past, but also about the future of matters to be. Wizards no more, now it is all about global intelligence. Finally there is one global sovereign who does have the capacity and insight, required five eyes and good mind, to oversee the dirty game of governments. And when needed, build up justification for future kinetic actions. However, loyal to the tradition of unaccountability, it is out of the scope of intelligence community to make such recommendations, of course.

Intergovernmental anarchy

According to the realistic view of world politics, governments and sovereigns want to influence on the matters of their peers. That is kind of the name of the game. Yet, now the intelligence community has spent quite a lot of hours and words to blame another government specifically wanting to influence on their election process outcome. Childish enough, they blame that they foreign government has clearly and specifically wanted to deface some candidates in favour of others.  How they dare to do so!

The report lacks completely on its self-reflection. Furthermore it does not consider the mandate of national security intelligence offices to have a say on the global level of nation-states. Neither does it say nothing about the contemporary issue of global governance facing the legacy nation state institutions.

On the metaphorical level the report will just throw more oil into the fire. That  fire which burns between globalists and localists. The very same and dangerous battle which is growing between nationalist and global liberalist movement. Some people even call the other socialist and another fascist. Still, the report rushes out to draw lines and police in that line of division.

Election hacking meets human intervention

It may not be necessary to point out the efforts of the US to the international way of things and to quite many specific governments in particular. In that light, even while the report makes comprehensive disposition on cases and opinions, it sadly will just degenerate the US Intelligence agencies more than bring any good on the table. The report will most likely just back-fire on the legitimacy of the authoring organisations. In the worst case it will act as a tool for further action and in the best case stay just as a milestone in the annals of the cyber war.

Global politics can not escape the paradox of itself. And the history speaks for confined rather than omnipotent sovereigns.

And then the Third Reich? Kiev made the last step to fascism

For the first time in the history of Ukraine at the state level has officially supported the further development of fascism. For years of independence and manipulation of the population have not been in vain. The country has almost turned into the European Mecca of terrorism and extremism with an emphasis in local nationalism.

Independence erected on a pedestal of extreme right-wing radicals and all the while his sponsors were fed some semblance of Ukrainian Reich. Now, when the process is put on stream, the case remained for small – government funding of fascism. And the new budget of Ukraine for 2017 takes into account this nuance and allocates a separate article.

Screenshot Dailymotion
Screenshot Dailymotion

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the bill on the planned financing of the nationalist youth movements, such as “Plast”, “Trident” and even “Right sector”. In the formulation of Ukrainian parliamentarians have submitted a draft for consideration, these groups are naturally called Patriotic organizations, glorifying the love for the Motherland and defending the “historical truth”.

About the new amendment to the budget on his page in the social network was announced by the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy, accompanied by enthusiastic news commentary. In his opinion, the youth organizations need to thrive in Ukraine and the state must support their development, for it is from the “right” of future generations depends on national security. Radikal also noted that this precedent has no parallel in history. Ukraine for the first time at the state level will support the “patriots”.

So Ukrainians allocate their scant budget. While the country plunges into the abyss, plunging into hopeless misery and chaos, millions of people are fleeing from unemployment and lawlessness, the government allocates considerable funds for outright fascism. Education of the future of the herd is the key to the security of the current guide dogs and they will not regret the funds. Dedicated, by the way, Europe, which consciously financed by Ukrainian Nazis from the Maidan. The old world quickly forgot their own mistakes, that faded against the background of contemporary issues. After all, in the same way, about 90 years ago, the U.S. brought the Nazis in Germany, and later financed the same “Layer” in the 20-30 years of the twentieth century, supplying fighters for the terrorist group OUN. Since then, apparently, nothing has changed, except that the sender’s Bank address changed, and the birthplace of the new religion shifted to the East.

Such was to be expected. Ukraine on full speed rushes to the most radical nationalism and Poroshenko that it does not hide. Central television channels have turned into “Radio Mille Collines”, and not only preach the traditional Russophobia, but also the daily incite ethnic strife and hatred. People actively pushing for a big massacre, not disdaining in the choice of means.

Budget amendment is just another piece of the puzzle, complementing the overall unflattering picture of Ukraine’s future. After the glorification of Nazism, the toppling of monuments and mutations of the education system, funding future terrorists looks quite logical step. Ukrainian social vivisection has reached its final phase. In turn, the idea is that the only concentration camp for dissidents and the recognition of fascism as a basic state policy. The brown plague almost conquered Ukraine.

Translated by Yandex fom