War of Minds and Preventive Actions

Just today, one of the most peaceful nordic countries, at least when it comes to their narrative, declared in public that — now, this may not be good for children — they are openly and proudly preparing for a war. But, here is the catch. Not catch for us, but a catch for them. They think that it is not really war, literally, as they argued, because “there are no bullets involved”. Oh my!

War of minds, and as horny as they are, to deploy and project their power of non-lethal influence, these people say they — for real — are preparing for a war. However, their psychic notion does not reach out to the next step. War for what? Against who? They are just like drunken elephants having a huge powers at ands, the powers of the global beast, and now they do, as one of them did, when I had pleasure to talk with them directly, prepare to project their influence on the global scale. This particular one said they want to initiate a revolution in China! Oh my! Revolution in China! Are there people completely mad?

Whatever the case is, the sad reality is, that the cyberspace, and maybe something else too, has made some people and some governments to expand themselves and to proclaim themselves, spontaneously to be, not only masters of the world, but also masters of the Mind. Now, that is scary! Those who have read the history and do have a compassion in their heart, would perhaps say “no=no” during this round.

But, still, they are not alone. They are waging a war against minds. Against influence in their minds. By trying to influence other minds. See the point? There is no happy ending in that game!


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