Why is it so Silent Today?

Barely any noise is around
it is silent as ever, even when streets are noisy

like never before

Silence is deep and nobody talk
nobody say what they think
like robots they stay in line
repeating the same things

Why is it so silent today?

Where would the noise come from
Is it traffic or what, is it the holy sound of chanting?

The sound of shelling the sound of missiles
that is the only thing that breaks the silence

Silence is not absolute
Silence is relative to the noise
Silence is result to the lack of compassion

Why is it so silent today?

Everyone is doing something, busy days and full of stuff
But when you ask them, they go mad
They are serving something which is not good

Is it the collapsing power that is pushing people down?

Why is it so silent today

Good sovereigns never attack their children
never try to shut their mouths up

cut their fingers

Why is it so silent today?

You know when it is the time to speak!

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