Radicalizing State Nationalizing Labour And People

It is only understandable, yet not very well outspoken, that the real danger of European politics is the radicalization of the state apparatus. Quite contrary to that notion, in public, it is proclaimed that the danger are various civil groups that are against to the interests of the state. The interest of the state are inhibited to be politically agnostic, even technical, non-political and, therefore, increasingly despotic and totalitarian. Unlike more civil groups, many of the European weak and failing states have expanded themselves unilaterally and spontaneously into global powers.

One of the ways this is to be seen, is the way the state, which stays agnostic in public, feels existential threat under the globalist challenge, and therefore aims to increase its binds to the people. Ultimately the aim of this is to ensure nationalization of the labour. Factories and businesses alike are under the threat of the radicalized state, being takes as hostages of the mad elephant. European Union is doomed to face the conflict with the radicalized state, because it promotes, for good, the free moment and non-national nature of the labour and businesses. So are all the people who wont obey to the superimposed nationalization of their identity. This is a dirty game the states are playing. Tragically it was something the European Union was built in the first place to prevent – yet, perhaps it has failed already, because small countries are priding up their nationalist, even fascist and despotic governance.

Taking over people as part of their war-machine, identity building and indeed threatening them with fundamental resource limitations, is an act of war against people, but increasingly also against the international order and supranational freedom of movement, business and collaboration.

In this sense, please watch what your governments are doing. They are not willing to discuss about that, so please be ready to leave when the time is right.


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