The Struggle of Post-Truth and The Challenge of the Past

The form of eugenics that was once done near Pirna, Sonnenstein, Schoenbrunn, is seemingly coming back. As they used to turn difficult people into ashes, that what they are doing now, is getting similar characteristics. They are sterilizing, criminalizing, jailing or whatever, people they think could be dangerous. Inherently this is as chauvinistic as is the aim to change the future. They think they know the way matters are, to the extent that they can say about future, and even to the extend that they have engaged, in their psychic horny war, to change the future before it happens. What is that more than offensive preemptive action? Is that not war against people?

They are so convinced about their aim to defend the institutions of truth, knowledge politics and social coherence, that they are ready to launch preemptive action, go  offensive, against people who they think might be problems. And do not make mistake, they wont come armed up to the teeth with traditional weaponry or tools of dominance. But, they will present themselves like Malware Trojan Horses, with smile and caring attitude, they break through almost any wall saying they want to help and that they are worried  — but in essence, only act as false priests, claiming they own the truth, the truth of not only that of today but tomorrow as well. But, they don’t want, nor could they, help anyone, they just want to secure their authority, territory and regime.

Many people still fall into that trap, take their pitch like bunch a false money.

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