Superiority of Free Will and Quantum Encryption

Ultimate question in the world of security and defence is that of the ability to maintain independent decision making and indeed the ability to hold secret things secret, even when being in the state of complete control and dominance of foreign powers. Thus, the best way to ensure peace is to absorb the effects of invasion. In more detail, to eliminate and diminish any compromised data, invalidate it and yet still hold on of the superiority of encryption and secrecy.

Complexity as the source of defence carries along a heavy and trusted barrier. Still, complexity inevitably is vulnerable for the attacks of persistence and competing complexities. Cold war and arms race, complexes against complexes, increasing in amount of power, material and required effort, endless spiral of battles of might.

However, that is tiring game with no end in sight.

The thing that offer true protection against invasion is the access to a true source of randomness. Like a well of miraculous healing water, the well of eternal life, the source of random numbers can uphold your privacy and sovereignty even when occupied, compromised and vulnerable. At least access to a tiny source of true randomness can keep you up and running. What is awesome, a source of randomness is immune to surveillance, since, due to its character of being completely random, once surveyed it is not the same ever again. Like the methodological trap of realistic survey politics, wrongly assuming its passive and non-intrusive nature, fails to grasp the reality it surveys, since at the very instance it thinks having been gained some insight on it, the reality is not there any more.

Most vulnerable are those forms of encryption which use predictable sources of randomness. Replace the random source with chaotic quantum physics, and you get your free will back. Maintain access to the source of eternity and you are immune to any invasion. If your source of randomness is too tight and tiny, you are free to amplify it to be huge and magnificent.

Quantum Encryption likes to play with the naive realistic assumption. The whole world which was built on the assumption, at the time true and rational Enlightenment, of the existence of coherent mathematical system and formulas has faced the paradox of randomness found within. More relevant than the Rule of Law, and the tyranny of knowledge, facts and statistics, more relevant for the success of modern mights is their access to the source of random.

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